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Rome Havana


Type: woman

Environment: indoor / outdoor


Protect your eyes, optimize brain function, and improve your mood with Hyperlight Optics. Designed with the special Fullerene C60 lens to transform harmful wavelengths into a more beneficial light, that corresponds precisely to the eye sensitivity spectrum. Hyperlight Optics is suited for both indoor and outdoor wear, providing clear vision and comfort in any environment.

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Rome Havana

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Hyperlight Optics are unique because of the special nanophotonic materials used in their production, which transform ordinary, diffused light into a new light that is considerably more compatible with our biomolecules. It means that a photon interacts with Fullerene C60 to form an exciton. The photon and the exciton couple together and eventually combine, to form a polariton. The energy particles of previous photons in the polariton are ordered following the laws of the electromagnetism of biomolecules, both in our eyes and in our brain. For this reason, they have an impact on the entire neuroendocrine system. This contributes to better body regulation, thus placing Hyperlight Optics as a unique, leading brand in the sunglasses and blue-light blockers market.

1. The protective layer is on both sides of the lens.

2. Hydro and oleophobic coating: protects against scratching and facilitates cleaning and has an antistatic component that repels dust particles from both sides of the lens.

3. Patented 8 layers of ion coatings: following the Ioncoat K+ process, eight layers of material with different index levels are vacuum applied to the lenses. Ioncoat K+ reduces light reflection to less than 1%, resulting in better vision.

4. Optimizing the Hard layer (HC): specially matched with the anti-reflection process and the superhydrophobic layer, it extends the life of the anti-reflection layer and provides additional protection against scratches.;

5. Fullerene layer on both sides of the lens.

6. CR 39 lenses.

Numerous lens coatings

hyperlight coatings

Main features & benefits

Fullerene C60
Blocking and converting ALL types of harmful light (UV, UV B)
Quantum Hyperlight
Scratch resistant
Reduces near-infrared (NIR) light



With Hyperlight

Without Hyperlight

with hyperlight
without hyperlight


With Hyperlight

Without Hyperlight

with hyperlight
without hyperlight
Comparison table
Hyperlight optics TM
Standard polarized optics
Standard blue blockers

Quantum hyperlight coating: Fullerene C60

Blocking harmful lights (UV-A, UV-B, UV-C)

Blue light blocking

Anti reflex

Improves visual contrast

Optimal light transmittance

Hydrophobic coating

Reduces near-infrared (NIR) light

Improving vision

Improving vitality

*Enhancing hormonal balance, anti-aging, and cognitive abilities.

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